Building Wealth is Boring

It’s not like running a business.

Warren Buffet made his first million after 9 years of investing.

If Warren Buffett wrote a book back then called how to make a million dollars in 9 years no one would read it.

– The Road Less Stupid by Keith J. Cunningham

Building wealth is boring.

It’s not like running a business.

In business, things get chaotic. You are like a cowboy riding out west into the unknown.

But building wealth requires thinking. A boring past time that is less and less common.

Building wealth requires discipline that few have.

It’s why not many people achieve wealth in the first place.

Wealth is not working for your self. And it certainly is not working for anyone else.

It is not getting in front of a camera for YouTube cash.

Wealth is when assets are producing income for you like a well oiled machine without any action on your part.

Your job?

Create the machine. I’ve laid it all out here in The Wealth Model.