Beware of Swindlers

Everyone around you is getting rich...

Everyone around you is getting rich.

Or so it seems.

Swindlers do make money.

But eventually, they burn in hell.

Swindlers are grifters who jump on any trend to make a buck.

They provide no real value.

Swindlers are great at sales.

You can learn from them on this point. But the product they are selling is no product at all.

You've seen it:

  • A rehashed notion template

  • AI ChatGPT flavor of the week

  • Absorb content and teach it for big money, when they have no business teaching it.

Be careful out there.

Swindlers will suck out your self-worth and suck the money out of your wallet.

Don't mistake this post as negative.

It's just a warning to naive people who get FOMO from swindlers posting online.

Do you want to be a clown grifter or build real, lasting wealth?

If real wealth is what you are after, focus on building a brand.

Sure, you may pivot or have an "angle" with this brand.

But you are building a company with real products that will have a lasting impact beyond the swindling, drifting non-sense that you see all the time.