About Elevated Fortune

Hi, I’m Paul Serra.

I started Elevated Fortune to help those just getting started in business become wealthy faster and avoid painful mistakes.

Owning a successful business can be very fulfilling. 

But, starting and running a business is not the fantasyland it is sometimes sold as.

You are going to face brick walls. Obstacles. Angry partners. Fires to put out. Lawsuits.

Even if you are the only person in the business, it will still be hard. I’m talking to you solo-entrepreneurs, creators, and solopreneurs.

And let’s be honest, so long as there are customers, you are never the only person in your business.

Most people who start a business end up getting run by the business instead of the other way around.

Many become unfocused and throw in the towel.

Any a whole bunch choose a business category with limited potential.

So why even bother?

To help others with your product/service and to be free.

A successful business creates freedom.

And that freedom, along with cashflow allows you to become wealthy.

That wealth allows you to help more people through more assets you invest in or start anew.

My ultimate goal is to provide you with an Elevated Fortune🥠


About Paul Serra

Paul Serra is an entrepreneur that owns several successful companies and has sold others. He also invests in Real Estate. His primary goal is to help people achieve wealth faster. His business career spans over 15 years. Instead of relaxing on a beach somewhere, he decided to start Elevated Fortune as a resource to those just starting in business.

Paul Serra

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